These Apples are Baked and Filled with Miniature Pancake Rounds

 - Nov 28, 2015
References: ohbiteit & ohbiteit
For those consumers that enjoy having dessert for breakfast, this rich hybrid recipe by Oh Bite It offers a unique spin on the classic baked apple desserts. The meal features a hollowed out apple that is filled with mini pancakes and baked to perfection to provide a sweet breakfast that can also be used as a dessert.

Apple pancakes are a popular take on the morning hot cake, but this recipe switches up the texture offering consumers a new way to indulge into their favorite breakfast food that is a little bit more upscale. The recipe features hollowed out apples that are filled with a homemade pancake batter that includes more sliced apples, cinnamon and spices. The batter is baked inside the apple rather than fried in a skillet to create a pancake apple cake.