VBLOC Therapy by EnteroMedics Involves an Electronic Surgical Implant

 - Dec 3, 2014
References: enteromedics & industrytap
If you are struggling with appetite control and are willing to take drastic measures to curb your hunger, then a small electronic implant is a possible solution. VBLOC Therapy was developed by EnteroMedics and UK-based MRC Clinical Sciences Center. The miniature device measures just a few milimeters wide but could have a big impact for those suffering from obesity.

Designed to regulate the chemical and electrical processes related to appetite control, the pacemaker-like device would be implanted in the peritoneal cavity's vagus nerve using electrodes. According to Industry Tap, the implant collects data, scores and spot-checks to determine whether or not the patient should be eating. Then, it sends signals to the brain to regulate how quickly one should eat. The invention bypasses qualities like self-control and fasting.