The Anti-Wrinkle Recode Melting Serum Promises Results in Seven Days

 - May 4, 2018
References: strivectin & byrdie
One of the newest products to be released by StriVectin is its Anti-Wrinkle Recode Melting Serum, which is touted as a fast-acting product that will help to visibly reduce lines and deep wrinkles in just seven days.

Alongside StriVectin’s proprietary BioRecode Technology, the luxurious formula includes a blend of dhatelo and macadamia seed oils to mimic the skin's fatty acids, as well as StriVectin’s patented form of niacin (Vitamin B3) called NIA-114.

The preservative skincare product is said to be thicker in consistency than most serums and as such, it requires a different application method. StriVectin recommends pumping and warming one pearl-sized drop into the hands before pressing it into the skin to help with emulsification and absorption.