The Anti-Scald Straw Clogs Closed When Your Drink is Too Hot

 - Jan 13, 2014
How long do you wait before taking a sip of your freshly brewed beverage? The Anti-Scald Straw lets you know when it's still uncomfortably warm by actually preventing you from coming in contact with the boiled liquid. Presented as an alternative to perforated lids on takeout coffee cups, this clever concept keeps your tongue from getting burnt.

The straw looks fairly unassuming at a glance because its magic is in an internal component. About halfway up the shaft is a shape-shifting ring that's sensitive to heat. If a hot tea should be sucked up the Anti-Scald Straw at a temperature of over 50 degrees Celsius, the little tube will constrict on the inside to prevent the passage of the fluid. When a lower reading is detected, the pipette will unclog and open.