This Russian Short Film Artfully Communicates the Dangers of Krokodil Use

 - Oct 20, 2016
References: youtube & adweek
For 'Krokodil Requiem,' an anti-drug PSA that was created by directors Romain Demongeot and Sonia Presne, an extremely dangerous heroin-like substance that's gained popularity in Russia due to its low cost is at the focus.

Filmed in an cinematic manner, the anti-drug PSA is set in a wintry graveyard, where it follows on a dead-looking man who's grown deeply addicted to the substance. As Adweek reports, the setting is meant to represent a horrible trip that the man's taken while high.

In addition to showing the disturbing imagery that the man experiences in his lonely state, the anti-drug PSA considers his unsound reasoning for taking it, as well as the horrendously damaging effects that it has on the human body and mind. With the release of the short film, Romain Demongeot and Sonia Presne plan to create a non-profit organization called 'Prévention-Krokodil' to spread awareness of the drug's danger.