The Antidote Magazine Spring/Summer 2012 Campbell Photoshoot is Ashen

The Antidote Magazine Spring/Summer 2012 'Holy Naomi' photoshoot provides a tribute to the English supermodel Naomi Campbell. Known for her work with publications like Elle, Vogue and Vanity Fair, Campbell has risen to a high level of unprecedented fame in her industry. Now a near household name, it follows that the Antidote team honed in on her glamor here.

The Holy Naomi production was taken by photographer Jan Welters. Here Welters has done an excellent job of juxtaposing Campbell's dark skin with formal alabaster pieces. Her expert offsetting of ebony with ivory made the draping skirts, tops and blazers stand out all the more. At the same time, the textured nature of the pieces further distinguished the editorial, showcasing ribbed patterns and an excessively jagged skirt.