The 'Anti-YOLO' Campaign Puts Things in Perspective

If you, like many others, are ready for the "YOLO" madness to end, the Anti-YOLO Campaign shares your opinions. The popular "You Only Live Once" acronym has become, perhaps, a little too often repeated and out there. As a justifier for pulling crazy stunts or shirking your duties, YOLO is meant to give you the ability to do whatever since "you only live once."

The campaign, which aims to put the YOLO craze into perspective, has started with featuring a pregnant girl waiting for the results of her pregnancy test. The caption reads "Nine months from now, YOLO just won't be as cool as you thought it was - end the madness." To join the Anti-YOLO Campaign yourself, simply tweet anything you don't like about YOLO with the hashtag #AntiYOLO to supercharge the end of this particular acronym.