Anna Queen Uses Simplistic Geometric Sculptures to Liven Rooms

 - Feb 23, 2012
References: cargocollective & brwnpaperbag
Anna Queen understands that keeping things simplistic is vastly more artful than complicating things, which is why she primarily uses plain geometric sculptures to fashion her wonderful art installations. Though she uses basic shapes like triangular prisms and cubes in her work, Queen arranges those shapes in visually pleasing patterns that ultimately enhance the overall aesthetic of a space. She has a way of making polygons powerful as a group and as a standalone shape.

Anna Queen fashions each sculpture within her installations using ceramic. Viewers may easily mistake the geometric structures for paper because of their flawless surfaces and sharp angles. Knowing that each piece of an installation can potentially be shattered adds a layer of intrigue to Queen’s work, as she has to carefully construct her art in a manner most other artists don't have to worry about.