This Collection of Glasses Replaces Human Eyes with Animal Eyes

 - Mar 16, 2016
References: designboom & chiclaunches
Graphic designer Jyo John Mullor created an eccentric collection of glasses that replace the wearer's eyes with a set of animal eyes. Crafted with the designer's famed out-of-the-box thinking, these glasses are perfect for Halloween costumes or fashion week.

This line of sunglasses follows the artist's collection of equally outlandish helmets that look as if the human head is exposed to the outdoor elements. Continuing with that level of bizarre thinking, Mullor created this line of sunglasses that focus on the eyes of various animals. The animal eyes are sourced from a diverse set of species from alligators to snow leopards.

Each set of eyes are superimposed onto their frames, which form a sharp juxtaposition between the wearer and the non-human face they wear.

Photo Credits: chiclaunches, designboom