A Metallic Andy Warhol Monument Shines Bright in Union Square

New York City's Union Square has a new Andy Warhol monument and it is hard to miss. Finished in gleaming chrome, this likeness of Andy Warhol joins statues of George Washington and Mahatma Gandhi as prime Union Square attractions. Simply entitled 'Andy Monument,' the shiny silver statue was created by artist Rob Pruitt and commissioned by the Public Art Fund.

Warhol's Factory -- the birthplace of many famous works -- was based in Union Square from 1968 to 1984. Pruitt claims the figure is meant to celebrate New York as a destination of creative misfits with grand aspirations. In the momument, Warhol stands smartly dressed, camera at the ready and shopping bag in hand. The Andy Warhol monument will be up and available to view until October.