Superhero Kids by Andy Fairhurst Captures Escapism

Andy Fairhurst focuses on the childhood lives of popular villains and superheroes, and captures how they spent their time before they turned their passion into a full-time world dominating/saving career.

Capturing the likes of Dr. Octopus, Bane, Hulk and Magneto, Andy Fairhurst uses the silhouetted figures of a child's body paired with the recognizable attire or symbols of their chosen hero. The background remains fairly constant throughout the portraits, with a mix of blue and pink depicting what appears to be the setting sun.

The impressive roster of adolescent crime fighters and evil doers captures the beautiful innocence behind imagination and fantasy. The children in these images have literally become their heroes of choice, reminiscent of the conviction behind a child's ability to enter a world dictated by creativity, adventure and wonder.