Andrew Shaylor Lenses Badass Bikers Across America

In 2000, Andrew Shaylor set out on a four-year expedition to lens the UK chapters of the notorious Hell's Angels motorcycle club. His work is a contemporary photojournalistic, non-drugged version of Hunter S. Thompson's work. His photographs are raw and rugged, taking advantage of spontaneous composition to depict the true nature of the people behind the name.

In addition to his more narrative pieces, the series boasts several portraits. These are simple and direct, driven by pure emotion. The black and white shots are concentrated with toughness and a long and hard earned wisdom -- or at least an understanding.

Shaylor is a London-based photographer with a serious eye for character development and subtle narrative. His skill varies in subject, including portraits, landscapes and automobiles. Regardless of his chosen motif, his works are engaging and his technique is masterful.