Andre Wee Illustrates Visages Using Overlapping Threadlike Lines

 - Aug 7, 2012
References: cargocollective & cuded
As digital imaging technologies continue to improve, artists like Andre Wee are finding innovative methods to render illustrations. Seen here are a handful of portraits Wee made using overlapping fibrous lines to depict the faces of beautiful women. What is remarkable about Wee’s work is that he manages to convey value realistically despite not having planes and surfaces for light to interact with. To be able to accomplish such a task requires, no doubt, a tremendous amount of imagination.

Andre Wee titled this series ‘Forming and Fragmenting.’ He explains that he wants his viewers to interpret for themselves whether these faces are being created or disintegrating. However, he also goes on to say that his subjects are in fact in a limbo, existing in both aforementioned states and in neither.