'Anatomy of a Librarian' Explores the Life of a Bibliognost

 - Aug 29, 2011
References: centeredlibrarian.blogspot
The mysterious lives of library guardians are revealed in the 'Anatomy of a Library' infographic by Obizmedia.com. The illustrated chart shows that librarians, who often find themselves as curious characters in TV shows and movies, "are regular people who have interests in all sorts of different things," with the top hobby being recreational reading. Though that fact might not shock you, others from the graph are extremely interesting and surprising. The stereotypical elderly bibliognost image proves to be completely false, with only 24% of librarians being over the age of 55.

The 'Anatomy of a Librarian' infographic is full of interesting tidbits and facts surrounding the job that has been around for centuries. Next time you drop by the local library to pay some late fees, ask your librarian if their hobbies include fire performance and belly dancing, as some of the chart's results indicate.