James Dive Compresses an Entire Amusement Fair into a Box

For James Dive's recent project, he compressed an entire amusement fair into one giant cube.

Amusement parks are showcased a few times a year in some cities and towns. These places hold many memories from various people. In Dive's recent sculpture project, he cramped an entire amusement fair inside a 4 x 4 meter cube that encapsulates all the memories and mementos from that park. The amusement fair sculpture tilted 'Once' is about the "finality of a missed moment," according to Dive. The giant cube possesses most of the remnants of a demolished amusement park -- the rides, the tickets and some of the prizes.

Memories are important to people; it shapes the type of person they'll become. To compress all those memories in one metal box is an interesting means of preserving memories.