Amon Tobin ISAM Live is a Symphony of Light and Sound

 - Sep 13, 2011
References: amontobin & wired
The Amon Tobin ISAM Live tour pairs eye-popping visuals with an inventive and somewhat unsettling electronic soundscape to create a live musical event unlike ever before. The prolific electronic musician Amon Tobin released his latest musical effort back in June 2011. The album ISAM is by far his most avant-garde piece to date; graduating from his sample-savvy past, Tobin has continued his experimentation with field recordings, found new sounds and a boatload of cutting edge electronic music makers.

Tobin is well acquainted with the difficulties of drawing and entertaining a crowd with live electronic music. "The performance of electronic music isn't very interesting to look at," the musician told Wired, "it's generally not performance based." With the help of other tech-savvy creative minds, Tobin has created a live show that is anything but boring; the entire show is a piece of art from start to finish. The visual aspect of the show, created by V Squared Labs and Leviathan, employs "real-time projection mapping, generative imagery and audio-reactive elements," according to the makers. This creates a massive music-dependent lightshow that is beyond jaw-dropping. Each of the tracks from Tobin's album have their own visual styling and audio-reactive components, and at the center of this display of stunning illumination is the musician himself, performing in a central cube. Tobin explains the choice stating, "the idea was to integrate myself, quite literally, into an audio and visual presentation of the album." So, grab your tickets, because I can guarantee the Amon Tobin ISAM Live tour will kick the pants off any fireworks display you've ever experienced.