The AmoeBAND Takes Cues from Nature for a Natural Fit

 - Jul 14, 2012
References: tuvie
Band-Aids are designed to serve the purpose of protecting a boundless variety of very unique injuries on people with a full spectrum of skin colors. Of course, most are manufactured in standard shapes and tones, offering limited flexibility to the wearer.

The AmoeBAND is a new type of bandage that is much better equipped to carry out the aforementioned criteria. Biologically inspired by the changeable single-cell organism, this scratch protector can be manipulated to fit the contours of your body for better coverage of the wounded area.

Within a rectangular shape, perforations offer an easy way to tear triangles out of the flexible leather-like material so that the AmoeBAND can be easily wrapped around fingers and joints. They come in four different shades to match skin tones and incorporate a pH indicator to prompt you to redress.