The Amelie Bicycle Impresses with Comfort, Convenience and Cuteness

 - Sep 20, 2013
References: googledrive & yankodesign
The Amelie Bicycle has not been designed for speed, but rather to meet the needs of a woman who enjoys getting from A to B in a style. The efficient frame could certainly get a girl to her destination in a hurry, but a leisurely pace will attract more admirers.

Ema Morosan and Andrei Avarvarii have made the two-wheeler wonderfully comfortable for the female rider, providing her with full fenders, balloon tires, a soft seat, an upright design and a lowered top tube to accommodate a skirt. The cute cruiser comes in five adorable colors to match any taste, and there's another tiny touch that would be much appreciated by the casual cyclist. The Amelie Bicycle has been fitted with a small elliptical compartment near the handlebars that can contain makeup, accessories and her mobile phone.