Amanda Hunt by Karen Inderbitzen-Waller Takes You Captive

Mixed impressions may arise when contemplating these photos of Amanda Hunt by Karen Inderbitzen-Waller, given the sensual complexity of the poses they capture. The exquisite model dons looks of diaphanous black fabric, muted grey mesh and wispy whites that leave her foxy form simultaneously exposed and concealed.

Appropriately taken for the Sex Issue of Metro Magazine, this erotic editorial manages to strike a titillating balance of purity and pornography. The subject bends, twists and stretches, working with props like dolls, handcuffs, ropes, chokers and whips, conveying a visual message of feminine fetishism that is complemented by her devilishly delicate look.

With makeup by Shirley Simpson, tousled blonde hair by Lauren Gunn and styling by the photographer herself, Amanda Hunt by Karen Inderbitzen-Waller paints an endlessly provocative picture.