These Matzoh-Made Houses are Creative Alternative Holiday Treats

 - Mar 20, 2013
References: buzzfeed
Don't worry if you’ve never been a fan of holiday-themed gingerbread houses because these Matzoh houses are alternative holiday treats that are the ideal answer for anyone looking to seriously diversify their annual festivities.

Matzoh, or traditionally Matzah, is a flat, unleavened bread traditionally eaten by those celebrating the week-long Passover holiday. For the needs of our alternative party treats however, the use of Matzoh is ingenious. That’s because Matzoh is the perfect material to use in lieu of the heavy and sometimes fragile gingerbread that makes candy house construction a frustrating, patience-testing experience.

By using the hard, crunchy Matzoh as the foundation and wall for your candy structure, you can spend more time
planning the swirly, eye catching decorations for your new confectionery abode.