The Alphabet Series by Mark McGinnis is Educational & Funny

 - Apr 5, 2011
References: thefutureperfect & coolhunting
The Alphabet Series, a 24-piece of silk-screened artwork by Mark McGinnis, is quite the educational tool.

Emulating flashcards, the Alphabet series takes you from A-Z in an interesting manner. Showcasing illustrated, child-friendly images, each letter represents what some people may consider inappropriate, such as lobotomy and blow. However, not all the prints are inappropriate, with the letter 'I' representing instant noodles and the letter 'V' representing vegans. My personal favorite would have to be the letter 'D,' which represents drive by.

These images are great for those who have a sense of humor and can appreciate the vintage feel that the illustrations provide. The Alphabet Series by McGinnis has indefinitely created one of the most memorable ways to recall your A,B,Cs.