The 'Along the Forge' Series Depicts the Forge River and Nearby Residents

 - Apr 25, 2014
References: johnnypanessa & featureshoot
'Along the Forge' is a collection of photographs captured over a period of two years that captures the Forge River of Long Island, and the people who live and work around it. The river suffers from high levels of pollution that is killing many life forms that live off of it. The plight of the river -- and the people that depend on it -- was captured by photographer Johnny Panessa to express how pollutants can affect people both directly and indirectly.

Some of the photographs directly show visibly identifiable pollutants in the river, while other images show people indulging in various activities around the river.

'Along the Forge' is a photographic project of significant importance to Panessa, as he grew up around the 3.2-mile Forge River.