The Alloyha Copacabana Band Really Isn't One

 - Oct 23, 2009   Updated: Jul 5 2011
References: facebook & viceland
Alloyha Copacabana is glam-rock band that does not even really constitute as a band. The kitschy freaky, fashion-forward group is more concerned with their stage presence than what they are actually playing while onstage.

The forefront of trendy non-band bands, Alloyha Copacabana first choose their wild outfits and wacky hair and make-up, as well as stage props, and then they create their version of “music” around it.

Implications - In an increasingly superficial society, presentation and aesthetic are equally, if not more powerful than talent with regard to consumption levels. Gimmicks, extravagant costuming and wild PR stunts generate buzz and media attention which furthers consumer interest in a given product or person. Entertainment based on showy staging and company-created identities is the primary focus of companies and labels looking to release new acts into the public sphere.