The Ian McElroy Kickboxer Redesign is Intensely Powerful

 - Feb 26, 2011   Updated: May 16 2011
References: thekneeslider & gizfactory
Designer Ian McElroy has created this insane-looking concept for the all-wheel-drive diesel bike. Created as the modified version of the Kickboxer, which had a Subaru car engine built in, this bike takes it one step further with a turbocharged diesel engine.

This concept by Ian McElroy is so well-made that it is actually ready for production. It would definitely be interesting to see this kind of all-wheel-drive bike in reality.

Implications - With prices on gas rising to an all-time high, more people are looking for alternative modes of transportation. Bikes are becoming more popular since they use up a lot less gas than a car. People are also looking for new designs that will suit their personal style and get them from point A to point B. Remixing typically male-centered products to appeal to the like of the opposite gender is a great way to create a new consumer base that previously didn't exist.