The Alien Menace Line Of Blasters Are Reminiscent of the Halo Game's Guns

 - Feb 18, 2016
References: nerf.hasbro & toyland.gizmodo
The brand new Alien Menace line of toy blaster guns make for a truly mean and awesome looking toy that will surely strike fear into the imaginary enemies of any kid who gets their hands on one of these.

The Alien Menace blasters come in two variations. The first, the Alien Menace Incisor, costs $40 and comes with a special revolving dart drum that is powered by a quadrant of AA batteries. It features a human-alien hybrid design that makes it truly eyecatching. Meanwhile, the $30 Alien Menace Ravager features a spinning eight-shot barrel equipped with foam darts. This toy doesn't need batteries, responding instead to manual pumps.

These Alien Menace toy blasters are set to be made available in the fall, and are designed to give kids a grand old time warring their imaginary and real foes.