Dreaming Alice is a Smoldering Alice in Wonderland-Inspired Design

 - Feb 4, 2014
References: neatoshop & neatorama
Alice in Wonderland may forever stand as the best acid trip inspired cartoon of all time. While we don't know exactly how many cartoons that encompasses we can only assume that there must be a few more. This design by artist Edwoody is an embodiment of the haze-filled feeling the film looks to provide.

Alice in Wonderland is a complex movie. While it can be argued that the themes presented in the movie are simply deep an involved, it can also be argued that the movie makes no sense. Both standpoints are fair and have their backers but what can't be argued is that the movie tries to throw users off and create hazy contexts. This design by Edwoody takes the figurative haze and turns it into literal haze with this design.