The Alice in Tumblr-Land Book Imagines Fairytale Characters Today

The 'Alice in Tumblr-Land' book by Tim Manley re-imagines classic fairytale characters as if they were alive today — and online. Just like most of the Internet, Tumblr can be a strange place, which is communicated perfectly in the title for this book that draws parallels between a Wonderland-like universe and the micro-blogging site.

Snippets from Manley's contemporary fairy tales can be found on his Tumblr blog, 'Fairytales for 20 Somethings.' The hilarious illustrations and small blurbs play out scenarios like Cinderella receiving text messages from her 'Text Message Fairy Godmother,' the Cheshire Cat capitalizing on the fame of Internet cats by writing a memoir and selfie-taking Ugly Ducklings.

Most of these classic fairytales are already well known, but these Tumblr-inspired twists brings a whole new meaning to youthful Millennials.