Alexey Klijatov Captures How Unique a Snowflake Really Is

 - Nov 22, 2013
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People should take the time to truly appreciate the work of Alexey Klijatov, a photographer based in Moscow, Russia, before winter sets in and the love/hate relationship with snow begins to lean towards the latter. At least for those residing in the Northern Hemisphere. Alexey Klijatov has captured stunning macro views of snowflakes that turn their ephemeral existence into long lasting sculptures.

To achieve these images, Alexey Klijatov captures snowflakes from his balcony on a piece of glass, set it against a dark woolen backdrop and shoots away. Of course, a lot more goes on to get the macro perspective he does. But what is more important than that is the detail he captures. Alexey Klijatov manages to show how unique a snowflake is. No two are alike in his series.