New Alexa Guard Features Help Users Easily Keep Their Home Secure

 - Sep 25, 2018
References: businessinsider & venturebeat
In an effort to improve security features in the home, Amazon is offering five new features focused on in-home security—firstly, Alexa Guard will now send users notifications when it hears the sound of glass breaking or detects smoke or carbon monoxide. Alexa Guard will also randomize the lighting in a user's home to make it appear they're still there, even if they are not. This randomization is driven by Amazon's own algorithms as Alexa will try to mimic the patterns of someone actually being in the home.

To activate these features, users simply need to say "Alexa, I’m leaving." This will turn the Amazon Echo into Guard Mode and will leave it in an alert state until it is deactivated. All of the Alexa Guard alerts will be sent to a user's smartphone.

Image Credit: Amazon