Alex Martinez Captures Fun, Festive and Candid Moments in Monochrome

If you weren't already a fan of candid black and white photography, the mesmerizing portfolio of Alex Martinez will certainly give you a run for your money. The playfully fun party portraits dig deep into familiar sights of the drunk and uninhibited, casting a lens on them that is both humorous and artistic. The series of odd and unusual moments he has chosen to tell his story make the ordinary extraordinary and are truly difficult to take your eyes off of. Each one telling a tale that is subjective to the viewer's imagination, the photos are filled with infinite possibility that leave a person wanting more.

Slightly foolish, yet incredibly enjoyable to look through, his portfolio sheds new light on the strangeness of the human experience. His entirely black and white collection has been published in Magazines and Zines; and most recently Died Horny for Hamburger Eyes.

Implications - Candid photography is appealing as art because it tells a familiar story of human experiences, while shedding new light on them that pushes the boundaries of human imagination in a way that is thought-provoking and often emotional.