Alex da Corte Reinterprets Arthur Rimbaud's 'A Season in Hell'

 - Dec 17, 2014
References: alexdacorte & coolhunting
New Jersey-born, Venezuela-raised artist Alex da Corte is introducing his latest show, 'Delerium I,' at the David Risley Gallery in Copenhagen.

The stunning installation is based on 'A Season in Hell,' a poem written by prolific French poet Arthur Rimbaud who, for some curious reason, only wrote during his teen years. The poem details Rimbaud's turbulent affair with Paul Verlaine, which happened when he was only 18 years old. Corte's installation is the fifth project in an on-going series about this specific Rimbaud poem.

The project certainly lives up to its name: the set is an overwhelming mess of plastic tiles, sculptures, photographs and perfumes. It is, perhaps, in direct reference to RImbaud's final line in 'A Season in Hell,' which translates to a "strange household."