Alex Cherry's Stencil-y Paintings Pay Homage to Public Figures

 - Nov 5, 2011
References: ofsoundandvision & vhm-alex.deviantart
Following the classic mantra of "less is more," a philosophy that even the late Steve Jobs subscribed to, Alex Cherry is able to produce highly accurate and detailed portraits of famous public figures with clever uses of shadow and negative space. By simply looking at Cherry's tribute to the recently deceased head of Apple Inc., one can see Cherry's ingenious ability to convey the definitive characteristics of a person, even though most of Mr. Jobs' face is hidden in darkness. The same treatment is given to such memorable people as Marlon Brando, Gandhi and even President Obama.

Though the images in this gallery primarily focus on the celebrity figures Alex Cherry has illustrated, Cherry's true passion is in bringing to life images inspired by music. His personal portfolio is comprised of paintings with lyrics as titles, adding a layer of contextual depth to his work and enhancing his viewers' overall experience.