Alcatel's Vision Headset Features Built-In Smartphone Hardware

 - Sep 2, 2016
References: prnewswire & engadget
While there are lots of VR headsets available on the market, a lot of them require you to use them in conjunction with a separate smartphone device, which is something that Alcatel is looking to change by introducing its brand new Alcatel Vision VR headset.

This particular VR headset is embedded with a whole bunch of computing elements that include a powerful eight-core processing unit that works with 3 GB of RAM and offers up to 32 GB of storage. The headset is even packed with a proximity sensor, gyroscope and accelerometer, while a pair of AMOLED screens allow for easy visual displays.

The Alcatel Vision is looking to play to sections of the VR enthusiast crowd that are in favor of stand-alone products and don't want to deal with entire ecosystems of gadgets to enjoy VR functionality.