The 'Jikkalarm' Offers a Wake Up with Alarm Clock Sounds of Cooking

Rather than releasing alarm clock sounds that are harsh and jarring first thing in the morning, the Jikkalarm offers a much more gentle way to start the day with sounds from the kitchen.

The unique alarm clock from 'nanka' fully commits to the cooking theme with a design that is slightly larger than the average alarm clock, complete with a cutting board, knife and a bowl. When the alarm is set off in the morning, it sounds of fast-paced chopping from a cutting board, simulating the experience of someone preparing breakfast in another room. The Jikkalarm has two modes that boast slightly different chopping rhythms.

Although their purpose is incredibly simple, alarm clocks have become incredibly inventive in the past few years, with novel designs like this and others that offer to wake consumers with the sounds of sizzling bacon or weather and traffic reports.