The Akomplice Magic Plant Series is Hypnotizing and Sleek

Inspired by scientific drawings of botanical specimens, the Akomplice Magic Plant series features an array of streetwear garments adorned with eye-catching illustrations. The collection is comprised of not only tees, pullovers, jackets and hats, but also includes a tricked-out skate deck worthy of any collector.

Akomplice always manages to include distinctive details that set it apart from other streetwear brands. Each piece from the collection comes hand-tagged with a detailed botany booklet, showcasing the different species of plants that have spawned this series. The brand has curated a variety of flora ranging from stimulants to opiates.

The subtle weed-like motif splashed across the dark khaki jacket is an updated twist on the classic army camouflage pattern. The comfy crewneck pullovers also have the old-school and graphic aesthetic street prowlers can't get enough of. The lookbook creatively channels the essential items-style photography and has been captured by the British bred Farmer Dobbs. The Akomplice Magic Plant series will be available worldwide — no watering required for these badass threads.