This Illustration Series Documents Funny Airplane Sleeping Positions

 - Jul 9, 2014
References: demetrimartin & designtaxi
If you’ve ever wondered what you looked like when passed out on a plane—like most of us do because how can you not when you’re surrounded by strangers staring at you as you sleep?—then this airplane sleeping positions series will tickle your fancy for sure.

The funny illustrations series depicts the different types of airplane sleeping positions according to New York stand-up comedian Demetri Martin. The creative and comical collection of illustrations features standard sleep positions that most of us would like to think we fall into and the more humorous and exaggerated sleeping positions like ‘The Friendly Neighbor’, ‘The Centipede’, ‘The Detention’, ‘The Limbo’ and the worrisome ‘The Disaster.'

You are bound to find one position you have woken up in at least once in this airplane sleeping positions series.