Recaro Revamps Seating for Eco-Friendly Comfort

 - Apr 25, 2011
References: recaro-as
In order to reduce emissions, several airlines are retrofitting their aircrafts for short-range flights by using lightly constructed seats.
In April 2011, Recaro, a german manufacturer for aircraft seats supplying major manufacturers including Airbus and Boeing, received the Crystal Cabin Award for its work.

According to Recaro's website, "The BL3520 is 30 percent lighter than the previous model. Thus the seat helps reduce fuel consumption while significantly lowering costs for the airlines. In addition, it provides more living space and comfort for passengers."

Sounds like a great concept, but is there anyone doing the math? One seat is about 7 lbs lighter, but an extra passenger weighs about 140 lbs.

Reducing costs for the airlines: yes. Reducing emissions: probably not.