Ho-Yeol Ryu Creatively Takes on the Issue of Global Warming

 - Jul 7, 2009   Updated: Mar 24 2011
References: infranetlab.org & nextnature.net
Ho-Yeol Ryu has taken on the issue of global warming by creating this picture of severe air traffic.

The photograph is a display of hundreds of planes taking off from the Hanover airport.

Who knows? Maybe air pollution is being slightly reduced with the recession and our inability to travel as much.

Implications - Climate change (as it is more accurately known) is an issue that affects the whole world, but it's easy to lose sight of its real implications when it gets reduced to endlessly repeated soundbites and constantly repeated statistics. Images like this, however, put a far more intuitive face to the problems that contribute to climate change and bring it home to an altogether more profound impact.