These Ai Iijima Scissors Take the Shearing Tool to New Artistic Heights

 - Jun 10, 2011
References: iiji & itsnicethat
These scissors by Ai Iijima may not be entirely practical, but on visual aesthetics alone, these are probably the most inventive scissors to have come out in the last decade.

A blacksmith apprentice and a jewelry designer, Ai Iijima crosses his disciplines in crafting tools that steampunk enthusiasts and high-cultured individuals would be overjoyed to get their hands on. One pair of these avant-garde shearers even uses feathers as its blades. Sure, it may not be able to cut through wet toilet paper, but its artistic merits are undeniable. Iijima's ability to combine the ornate with robust utensils is truly something that very few artists around the world are capable of doing.

Aside from making scissor masterpieces, Ai Iijima also crafts fanciful spoons, knives, and other various ornamental jewelry.