Atong Atem's Series Pays Tribute with a Modern Aesthetic

 - Aug 23, 2016
References: atongatem.tumblr &
Atong Atem, a photographer who was born in South Sudan who currently lives in Australia, returned to her birthplace to show was diverse African culture is while also honoring the vibrancy of its roots.

In order to do so, she captures subjects dressed in a wide range of apparel, varying from more traditional garbs to those found in American culture as well. Each is situated in front of a bright backdrop that's taken over with stunning colors and unique patterns which clash against one another in a way that captivating and complementary at the same time.

Each of the images has a candid aspect to it as well, which likely comes from Atong Atem's friendly relationship with her subjects, in addition to the sense of individuality that each puts forth.