The Afrezza Inhaler is an FDA-Approved Drug for Diabetes

 - Jul 2, 2014
References: mannkindcorp & theverge
The Afrezza inhaler could revolutionize the way diabetics take their medication. Recently approved by the FDA, it is a stepping stone into a new age where needles are obsolete, replaced with airborne drugs that are easy, convenient and pain-free. Granted, the Afrezza inhaler is similar to Exubera, which was introduced by pharmaceutical giant Pfizer in 2006. Yet it is smaller and less complicated.

Developed by California-based MannKind Corporation, the Afrezza inhaler is currently not meant to replace insulin injections. Instead, it is "an alternative to them at meal times given the powder's short-term effects that kick in within what the company says is between 12 to 15 minutes," according to The Verge. Studies are still required to track its long-term effects.