Aerotonos from Asmita Prasad is Inviting and Eco-Friendly

 - Aug 5, 2011
References: colourlessdesign
The tourism sector is about to get a whole lot greener thanks to the Aerotonos from Asmita Prasad. Aerotonos is a wind/solar-powered tour bus designed to add a splash of green to the tourism industry.

Aerotonos is powered by its rooftop solar panels and a gigantic 40 square meter (131 feet) kite that harnesses wind energy and converts it to power. In addition to its unique engine, the Aerotonos has a unique design that further separates it from today's tour buses. Aerotonos has a wide open design that was conceived to both transport people and give them a place to relax when they arrived at their destination. The bus acts as a temporary shelter and features benches and tables. This design seems a bit too complex to be produced anytime soon, but hopefully tourism companies will take notice of it and be inspired to make their buses more welcoming and eco-friendly.