The AeroDream One Measures in at an Astounding 11 Feet Tall

 - Sep 10, 2011
References: jarre & dvice
I challenge anyone to find an iDevice dock that is bigger and badder than the AeroDream One. The recently unveiled dock stands a towering 11 feet and requires a ladder for use.

The AeroDream One was created by J.M.Jarre, an audio company founded by 70s synth legend Jean Michel Jarre. In addition to its incredible height, the AeroDream One is also bulky, weighing in at 870 pounds. All of that weight is made up of "five drivers including an 18-inch subwoofer, and 10,000 watts of power on tap," as Dvice writes. Should you desire an 11 foot iDevice dock with enough power to rock the block, be prepared to pay up: The AeroDream One is priced at a cool $562,000. Fortunately, a miniature 43-inch version is available for a more reasonable $1,200.