Adde Adesokan Captures Street Styles in a Cut-Up Fashion

 - Mar 11, 2011
References: photodonuts
Adde Adesokan takes sweet street style photographs that break down pedestrians' individual ensembles. The image begins with an up-close view of the person's face, capturing any fashion statements that they may be wearing on their face or head. The following section reveals any item that they may be holding, or simply the mid section of their outfits. The last frame of the image captures the footwear that completes their get up.

These Adde Adesokan compilation shots are an intriguing way to explore the various styles that each individual has. This Adde Adesokan series called Triptychons of Strangers gives you a great feel of how he views the world. His artistic deconstruction of the people, the framing, cropping and composition display the unique view of the world that Adde Adesokan has.

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