This Acrylic-Layered Sculpture Painting by Keng Lye is Squirming

 - Nov 12, 2013
References: thisiscolossal
This acrylic-layered painting comes to life in the form of a red-glaring octopus as three-dimensional art. Modern artist Keng Lye uses viscous layers of red acrylic paint to create a moving octopus masterpiece. His technique of adding consistent acrylic layers brings his artwork to life by using an eggshell shape to form the body. An alternative use of resin and acrylic create the dynamic sculpture that portrays constant movement.

The rising tentacles of the octopus also add extensive value and form to the painting, allowing a sense of depth and dimension to be observed. The use of acrylic paint in a creative form also expands its boundaries in traditional painting. This unusual combination of a sculpture-like painting would be perceived as an endless possibility in modern pop art.