Woodland Park and Eversman Field Have Accessible Parking and More

 - Dec 21, 2016
References: newtondailynews
Woodland Park and Eversman Baseball Field in Newton, Iowa now have more accessible parking spots and additional accessibility features in order to support those who visit the location.

Part of the city's growing efforts to make the city more accessible overall, the new additions to the location includes more accessible parking spots as well as accessible walkways. This ensures that those who are elderly or differently abled can access the environment without feeling overtly hindered.

Speaking on the new development, the city parks superintendent, Nathan Unsworth, explained that, "As an overall goal of the parks system we are trying to improve ADA compliance throughout our parks. Working with the schools we identified Eversman as a priority and we are working to make it more handicapped accessible around Eversman field along with the shelter and the restroom at the park."