Abu Ghosh Offers Half Off to Customers Who Turn Off Their Mobile Phones

 - Nov 26, 2013
References: apnews.myway & psfk
Located in Abu Ghosh just outside of Jerusalem, a restaurant of the same name is offering a half-off discount to patrons who turn off their mobile phones for the duration of their visit. Abu Ghosh owner Jawdat Ibrahim hopes to alter the dominant culture by offering a generous incentive to power down and be present. Ibrahim dislikes how costumers will ignore each other and their food in favor of their smartphone screens, telling the Associated Press, "smartphones have destroyed the modern dining experience."

While Abu Ghosh is not the first restaurant to offer a discount on this premise, the amount of the discount is worth noting. So far Ibrahim's business has suffered financially do to this offering, but he hopes in the long run it will ultimately result in increased sales.