Aarish Netarwala's Adidas Grit Concept Emulates Running on Sand

 - Jun 15, 2018
References: aarishnetarwala & fastcodesign
Every single running shoe on the market -- and likely every single running shoe that's ever been marketed -- makes claims about increasing speed, but designer Aarish Netarwala's new shoe is explicitly designed to make its wearer slower. The Adidas Grit concept shoe is meant to serve as a training tool, helping athletes to expend a high degree of energy efficiently.

Athletics are almost always about superlatives: jumping highest, running fastest, and so on. So the Adidas Grit concept would seem counterintuitive at first. However, the shoes are inspired by the notoriously successful training technique of running on sand. Some of the best athletes in the world, including NBA MVPs Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, train by running on sand dunes because of the extra effort that it requires. The Aarish Netarwala's design mimics the effect of sand within the shoe itself.