A PET of Tea Repurposes a Plastic Pop Bottle as a Thermos

 - Jan 3, 2014
References: yeonjinjo
You don't see many thermoses around these days, do you? Perhaps this observation could suggest that A PET of Tea would be a more popular option for making hot beverages portable. Designed by Yeonjin Jo, this clever canteen is free of bulk in terms of aesthetics and size, plus it's the sort of container that plenty of people are used to carrying around already.

Modeled after the common water bottle, this vessel would be manufactured of recycled PET plastic, taking a familiar shape with greater strength. Furthermore, it can unscrew just where the neck broadens, opening A PET of Tea up so that it can be used as a jug and a separate mug. Enjoy your hot infusion in a small teacup within your hands, bringing intimacy and homeyness to the act of sipping.