9 Hour Capsule Hotel Regulates Your Stay with Simplicity

 - Sep 8, 2011
References: 9hours.jp & designtaxi
Time is of the essence in the 9 Hour Capsule Hotel, an overnight experience that keeps you on a tight-knit schedule. Upon check-in at the Tokyo hotel, the clock starts ticking for an allocated one hour shower and seven hour sleep, followed by a one hour relaxation period. With no time to spare, visitors are encouraged to then use their time wisely and efficiently by following a series of pod-friendly guidelines.

Based on a capsule design originated in Kyoto, the facility is designed with simplicity in mind. With sleek white and black decor, the surroundings appear somewhat barren and undiscriminating, leaving little room for distraction. The sterile environment is uninviting, which helps to keep you right on schedule for the duration of your stay. These snug sleeping quarters are even fully equipped with sleepwear and toiletries, adding to the overall pleasantry of these futuristic pods.